Testimonials for Public Speaking

I first met Neil Minnaar at Toastmasters in 2008 when I was asked to be his mentor. I discovered very quickly that Neil was a naturally gifted speaker. His ability to use his voice and body language as a tool was noticeable immediately.

I have had the pleasure of sharing a stage and listening to Neil on numerous occasions and can testify to his natural ability to engage with his audience because of his authenticity and sincerity. Neil speaks with great passion from personal experience. Neil changes lives and gives people hope. Over many years I have listened to many top speakers and I can honestly say without fear of contradiction that Neil is one of the best I have heard. Neil has one of those voices you never tire of listening to. Many strive to reach the heights that Neil has.

Jason Sandler
Professional Speakers Association of SA Past President 

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5 Testimonials for Coaching 

Neil Minnaar Coaching/Mentoring Program

Neil’s coaching program was truly an eye opening, break through program. It has taught me two priceless life lessons amongst many other vital lessons. These Lessons helped me overcome many issues I’d been struggling with for years. The first lesson is the ability to use my time wisely, effectively and in order of prioritization, which in turn opens the issue of Time Management wide open.
Secondly, the importance of the four P’s -PERSEVERANCE, PASSION, PURPOSE & PATIENCE which will give me DIRECTION in life. This enabled me to eradicate any doubts or limiting beliefs I had about what I was doing or why I was doing it or what my purpose was for doing what I do.
Neil mentored me through the entire course, importantly not in any dictatorial type of way where I felt I was just following instructions. Rather, he mentored me by guiding me and asking me questions which when I answered them, it was amazing as to what I discovered myself. By answering and listening in depth to Neil and my own answers I could analyze what has truly been holding me back. The best thing about discerning the answers to your problems and challenges yourself (guided by Neil) is that you believe what you are told but never doubt what you’ve discerned. By being brutally honest with myself and really taking in Neil’s work and advice I was able to make real breakthroughs.

Juan Lindeque
Somerset West

Neil Minnaar – Personal Development/Business Coach/Mentor.

I requested Neil to help me with Time Management and Goal Setting as my life was in a chaotic state at that particular point.
Neil has been assisting me with the following with amazing results and personal development.
1. Prioritizing the important things in my life again with a new refreshing perspective.
2. Personal assessment as to where I was at the time.
3. Where am I going, where do I want to go and to plot a road map to get there.
4. Goal setting and management of those goals in a realistic manner.
5. Monitoring of Goal Setting and achievements.
6. Time management and taking control of my life and business again.
7. Management and deployment of staff and colleagues.

After two & half years we are still a work in progress with these processes and its very satisfying seeing the progress we are making.
I can recommend Neil as a coach/mentor to anybody that is experiencing uncertainty, disillusionment and confusion in their lives. Neil will bring calmness, help you get back control of both your life and give direction in a caring and solid manner based on much experience. There is yet to be a question that I have asked Neil, that he did not have an answer to.
One of my sayings is, “One can buy ground but one cannot buy background” and I can honestly recommend Neil as he has huge experience and a great background with immense Insight and Knowledge.

Riaan Lindeque – Financial Advisor
Cape Town

Neil Minnaar – Personal Development/Business Coach/Mentor.

I have known Neil for many years. A few years back, Neil coached me through a very difficult time. I found Neil to be very compassionate, walking along side me as WE navigated the challenges I faced at that time together. This brought me a great deal of comfort, knowing that he was beside me and I was not alone over this very challenging time.
Having said that Neil does highlight self-sabotaging behaviour and certainly took me out of my comfort zone, a much needed requirement as a coach and mentor. I would highly recommend Neil without a shadow of a doubt.

Karen Torlage
Cape Town

I had heard a lot about Neil through his sessions with my husband. I always enjoyed listening to the feedback. What I appreciated most was how Neil encouraged transparency in our marriage. I found my husband to be more appreciative of me after sessions with Neil. This meant a lot to me and it was always comforting knowing that he will always encourage my husband positively.

Later I had the privilege of meeting Neil myself. He is easy to talk to and eager to listen. He always encourages and I always feel better about life after a conversation with Neil.

Neil is someone who you know has your back. He will call you out if need be and advise you accordingly. He has a lot of wisdom and experience. His faith is admirable and you can rest assured knowing the word which he is guiding you with is not taken lightly.

Neil has been a rock to myself and my husband and is always just a phone call away. He has been of great support to us and we are most grateful for him in our lives.

Working with Neil is a decision we will never regret.
Kind regards
Minette Loock 


Coach Neil has helped me tremendously in navigating through life's various challenges whether it be personal, family, social or business related by simply listening and assessing the situation then giving an objective suggestion on how to attack the "growth opportunity".

He has an unbelievable amount of passion, wisdom and life experience that nobody can teach you and only comes by doing life and passing the "school of hard knocks" with flying colours.

The question you probably have is can I afford a mentor and my simple answer is, can you afford not to?

It might just be the call that changes your life!

What do you have to lose? 


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