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When success is delayed, patience is eventually rewarded, even when a business has its challenges and is demanding.

1. For any individual to achieve fulfilling their own goal or goals is always worth the candle that may have to be burnt late into the night. The satisfaction, the feel-good moment plus the rewards more than justify the efforts.

2. Passion, Purpose, Persistence and Patience are the keys to changing failure into achieving remarkable success.

3. Experience is a wonderful education however, you must be prepared to pay the high fees.

4. You can buy a backyard, but you can’t buy experience, you have to earn it.


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Two men are having a conversation. Let’s name them Tom & Dick.

Tom: “Dick, what would you do if I offered you a $1Million – would you take it?
Dick: “Yes, absolutely
Tom: “What if I offered you $10million?”
Dick: “Yes, I would take the $10million.”
Tom: “Ok, but what if the only stipulation was that if you take the $10million you cannot wake up tomorrow. Would You still take it?”
Dick: “Absolutely not.”
Tom: “So, you mean to tell me that waking up tomorrow is worth more to you than $10million.
Dick: “Wow, I did not give any thought to it in that way.” “We so often do not see the value in simply waking up each day, the gift, the blessing that it is.” “We get caught up in all the things that we have to do during the day, the stressors of the day.” We immediately flood our minds.” “What if we paused and realized, I woke up this morning, this is the biggest gift I could receive right now.”

As a Personal Development Coach/Mentor I provide support, guidance and wisdom to help you deal with the many challenges that life tends to throw at you whilst you walk this narrow path, we call life. I walk alongside you to assist you, exhort you to persevere in order to reach your personal and professional goals and dreams. I focus on the four 4P’s, which I believe are the foundation, the cornerstone of your success.

I am pretty confident that I can honestly say that one of the differences between myself and many other coaches globally is that I do not sell a program to be completed over a number of weeks. Rather, I see it as a journey walking alongside you, with the emphasis on relationships. This results in trust evolving as does openness, transparency and honesty.

As a client of mine once said, “One can buy ground but one cannot buy background or experience.” That I certainly have after seventy years walking this narrow path, we call life. I understand the challenges, the pressure, the frustrations, the rejection you face and the joy.

There is no upfront obligation or cost – only a 20-30mins initial get to know each other chat. Should there be a move to the next step, it would be the Forty Power Questionnaire, Circle of Life and Analysis. Only then would we decide to move on to the program.

Riaan Financial Advisor 28years – a client for the past 3 years: “I can honestly recommend Neil as a coach/mentor to anybody that is experiencing uncertainty, disillusionment and challenges in their lives. Neil will bring stability, a calmness, help you get back control of your life and give you direction in a caring and solid manner based on much and years filled with experience.”

Karen: “Neil coached me through a very difficult time. I found Neil to be very compassionate, coming beside me as WE navigated the challenges I faced at that time. This gave me a great deal of comfort, knowing that he was beside me and I was not alone during this very challenging time.”

Juan: “Neil mentored me, importantly not in any dictating type of way where I felt I was just following instructions. Rather, by guiding me and asking me questions which when I answered them, it was amazing as to what I discovered myself. By taking in Neil’s work and advice I was able to make real breakthroughs.”

“Hello, Is it me you’re looking for?” You do not have to walk alone.

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Neil Minnaar

Neil was born in Cape Town but spent most of his life in Natal, firstly in Pietermaritzburg where he attended Merchiston Prep and PMB College before his family moved to Durban where he completed his schooling at Durban High School. Despite having to overcome much adversity, he enjoyed much success on the cricket field having played provincial cricket for both Natal and Transvaal


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