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Neil spent many years in an industry which was goal driven or more accurately was supposed to be goal driven.
Yet, the one question I kept asking myself and still do, was why do so many people, not only in that particular industry but in others, keep on failing in reaching their goals despite attending on many occasions wonderful motivational talks.

This has led to many living unfulfilled lives resulting in many giving up.
Goals are discarded and dreams go out the window.
Neil came to the conclusion that it was very simple – there was or is no sustainability.
Very few people can maintain self – motivation and direction.
There are 7 modules, but unlimited sessions. Neil works at the clients pace, however there is a time limit of covering the 7 modules.

The client needs to be committed and determined to not give up no matter what. How and where do we meet? In today’s world there are many ways that one can communicate.
Ideally it will be via one on one session’s.
However, we have phones, emails, facebook and skype in which one can communicate via.

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