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Training and Inspiring within the Hospitality Industry

Food and Beverage Management Decoded - Jason Sandler

With over 20 years’ experience Jason has seen and experienced most of what can and does happen in the food industry. He has embraced his love of food with his desire to empower others by creating this workshop. In the workshop Jason breaks the roles and responsibilities of food and beverage management down into bite size, easily digestible chunks. His working style is highly interactive with tons of take home value.

In this section of the workshop Jason deals with the following:
• Hygiene
• Communication skills, including how to communicate with staff
• Service style
• Menu creation
• Quality of service
• Food service and drink service (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)
• Barista training
• Cocktails and Mocktails
• Stock control
• Costings
• Disciplinary process
• Safety and security in the hospitality industry.

Communication within the Workplace – Jason Sandler

As Jason often reminds many who have been through his training, “It’s not what you say, but how you say it.”

Out of every 10000 people born, 9992 are born with the ability to speak. In fact sound is one of the first things we use as soon as we are born. A mother will almost always be able to tell the different types of crying and what they each mean. Thus we begin our journey in communication, a journey with a tool that we continually use but so many of us don’t understand.

Jason is an expert on communication; after all he has been using it for his whole life.

In this section of the workshop Jason will train on the following:
• What is communication
• The different types of communication and how they interact with one another
• Learning to listen
• How it is not only the words we choose
• The power of questions
• Interpersonal skills
• Conflict resolution
• The art of conversation

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