Keep Talking 2 Neil and Jason

What people say about Neil and Jason

“Wish we had more time with them.”
“They are truly inspirational.”
“ Neil and Jason are sincere and passionate about what they present”
“Different in style but both are full of humour”
“ I enjoyed the way they interacted with their audience”
“I felt I had consumed a can of Red Bull – they gave me wings to fly and follow my dream.”

Questions that I need answers for 

Why am I here

What’s my purpose in life  

Dream meanings 

I wish for

Why can’t my life be better

Help to get out of my comfort zone

Change needed for my comfort zones

How to use my talents

Improve my natural gifts

How to change my life

Changing loves in my life

Stop killing my own inspirations

Turn inspirations into

Need training

Develop new skills

How to better myself

Improving my outlook

Take control of my situation

Needing control of my emotions

Help to get control back

Life challenges

How to overcome challenges

Scared of public speaking

Speech preparation

Fear of public speaking

How to improve my presentations

What is glossophobia

How to handle glossophobia

Improve my communication skills

Help with my communication skills

Improve my presentation skills

Archive the perfect presentation

Great speech

Great speech writing

Career in hospitality

Hospitality training

Time management

Manage my time better

Be more efficient

Stop procrastinating

Why do I suffer from procrastination

Courses We Offer

Inspirational Presentation: “What On Earth Are You Here For?” Neil Minnaar
Communication and Presentation Skills Workshop: From Fear to Confident.” Neil Minnaar & Jason Sandler
Presentation: “Never Go Swimming With Cement Shoes On.” Jason Sandler
Collaborative Team Tasks: Jason Sandler & Neil Minnaar
Time Management: “It’s About Time.” Neil Minnaar
Mentoring Program: Neil Minnaar
Past Presentations: Videos and Pictures
Training in the preparation and Delivery of an Effective Presentation: Neil Minnaar
Hospitality Training: Jason Sandler & Neil Minnaar
Workshop for the Hospitality Industry: Jason Sandler

“Train people well enough so they can leave – treat them well enough so they don’t want to.” Richard Branson

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